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Specializing in Lovebirds

The Peachfaced Lovebird

Agapornis roseicollis

Wild Type Coloration (above)

Most certainly the darlings of the lovebird genus, they are kept and are breed in large numbers. This has, not surprisingly, resulted in many colour mutations including pastel blue, true blue, olive, lutino and pied just to name a very few. Being non-sexually dimorphic the cock and hen are similar in color. Although, because they are so established in aviculture, breeders can often determine sex by behaviour or, depending on the colour mutation, the genetic history of an individual bird. The wild type’s body is emerald green, lighter on the belly. The head, throat and breasts are a vivid red. The flight feathers are black and there are red, blue, and black markings in the green tail feathers. The Peach-faced is also the only Lovebird species to establish a significant wild population outside of their native continent. They can be found all over Arizona’s Sonoran desert which is similar to the Namib in Southwestern Africa.